3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser Scanning

We combine the latest technologies within 3D laser scanning with established survey methods and expertise to create a unique and complete offering for our clients.
Parker Maritime has a strong focus on our core business – providing our clients in the offshore and maritime industries with the most correct data. We use a range of survey methods and technologies to achieve this, and have a special emphasis and focus on 3D laser scanning.

Our 3D laser scanning services builds on our long experience and in-depth competencies within the survey engineering disciplines.  We utilize 3D laser scanning as an additional tool in projects – either requested by our clients or suggested by our teams. We also execute 3D laser scanning projects where the 3D data sets are the main project deliverable.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible project – if it makes sense to utilize 3D scanning to achieve this – then this is what we will offer.
We provide our clients with raw 3D data sets, software features & CAD-models to enable:

• Solving a range of survey challenges utilizing 3D laser scanning
• Assisting MMO projects utilizing 3D laser scanning data
• Scanning areas/objects of interest with high level of details and density
• CAD- and Mesh-modeling converted into the clients preferred software
• As-Is documentation with the highest accuracy registration
• Generating ISO-drawings
• Geo-referencing scan data
• Generating animations and illustrations for SJA, work packages, heavy lift operations and complex installation sequences
• Publishing 3D point clouds to client user Web Portal
• Safety & operations training at Parker Web Portal