Machine Control

Machine Control

Anko AS offers a multitude of "customized" plans for its advanced methods in the field of machine control.

Anko is invested in a complete machine portfolio of equipment from Leica, called Visual-Machine solutions. The machines, whether it be excavators, bulldozers, or machines to prepare trails at an alpine resort, do the job using computer-controlled visualization equipment.

The common identifier of the equipment we offer our customers is that both simple and complex data is converted into realistic 3D models and images that are engaging, detailed and visualized in real-time. Using a small screen, similar to a TV monitor, the operator receives visual information about where to dig and how much to remove.
Anko's Machine Control portfolio includes Visual Machine adaptations for several types of construction machinery, such as:
• Excavators - also called VisualDigger
• Dozers - also called VisualDozer
• Drillers - also called VisualDriller
• Pile drivers - also called VisualPiler
• Graders - also called VisualGrader
• Road rollers - also called VisualRoller
• Grooming machines - also called VisualAlpine

Anko's machine control system from Leica makes it possible to customize the workflow in a very useful and time-saving way.

With Visual Digger, you get a faster and more accurate result. At the same time, you experience fewer errors, thus reducing costs for subsequent corrective work. This is a favorable arrangement for both Anko and the company's customers, since faster navigation and increased productivity means more efficient use of time and money.

A built-in modem allows you to connect to remote support, and also allows digital file transfer from the office to the excavator, and from the excavator to the map. The Visual Machine series allows you to check the progress of the projects from the office.

Simply explained, Anko's machine control services are configured so that you can be at the office, feed project data into the system, and make a wireless data transfer where the Visual Machine series constitutes an important part of the service Anko offers its customers.
Anko provides such equipment for its customers, from small and medium-sized contractor businesses, to large enterprises responsible for the development of large road and construction projects.

Anko also provides support for machine control and land survey equipment, and has several skilled employees who perform field-based services. We offer a support agreement to all our customers.